Best OET Coaching Center

OET is much easier than IELTS, especially in terms of writing and speaking.

Doctors & Nurses who have lost IELTS multiple times are passing OET in first attmept with our Coaching.

Past 5 years , with Stanford Review OET preparation course , over 500 doctors & Nurses have successfully passed OET and now are happily working in UK , Ireland , Australia and New zealand (.Please refer to testimonals section ; you will see photographs , score cards , theire reviews about how effective our course is)

Currently doctors and Nurses from about 20 countires are taking our OET Coaching online & offline.

99% of the doctors and 85% of the Nurses are passing OET in first attempt.

Those who joined other coaching centers and lost OET multilpe times are also passing after taking our OET Training .

Faculty are highly qualified , certified and well experienced in Coaching ; above all they are responsible Teachers.

Why our students pass OET in first attmept

We teach right strategies & Tips.

We don’t just give some material and ask you to practice ; Instead we teach perfect methods , strategies , tips and techniques of how to crack each part of the test.

Faculties practically show in class how to apply each method and crack each part of the test.

Best quality materials will be given ; students feel they are taking real OET Exam every time they practice a test.

For us , how you are practicing a listening / reading test is more important than how many tests you are practicng.

For us ,how you are writing a letter is more important than how many letters you are writing.

For us , how you are doing a role play is more important than how many role plays you are doing.

We evaluate your letters or role plays based on OET assessment criteria.

We also provide sample letters after giving feedback on your letters.

Our course structure is scientific in the sense it yields 100% results.

Course Highlights

Course duration is until pass

Number of hours is unlimited

Attend classes when you are available , according to your duty timings

Our Testimonials
Doctors & Nurses who took our course and passed OET
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Score Reports
These are the OET Score reports of Doctors & Nurses who took our best OET course and got B grades and above. Some of them took OET Online classes and others took offline OET training
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These are Reviews of Doctors & Nurses who passed OET with our OET coaching classes . Many of them took OET coaching from other OET preparation providers but lost . when they took our best OET course, which is very strategic , they have passed OET. If you read their reviews , you will understand how effective our course is !
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